This page is where I test things to see if they work.

Click a Spot; Flood Fill

Grow an image





Cursor Position

Position image absolutely, and use mouse click to get cursor position on image. Then use imagecolorat($im,x,y) function to determine color at that point.=> red, green, blue, alpha

Determine image color at cursor

Clip an image

Clipped PHP Image

Clipped Gif Image

Clip an image with 4 clicks

Test passing 4 clicks in an array

Family Slide Show in PHP


Test Diagram

Image Properties

Image Properties

Project -- Open 2 Links at Once

Or open a link which on loading, opens another link.

This would be useful to start a PHP loaded slide show, in which you may have to wait 15 seconds for images to download.

Corollary -- Open a Link at a Given Time

Suppose The slide show anchor downloads a file which contains an image, and which, on loading, calls another file, which takes longer for php to write.

Upload a Directory File -- Local Files

You will need a directory file of the desired files to upload. This can be created by going to the Command Prompt, getting in the local directory desired, and typing the DOS command:

dir> dir.txt  
where 'dir.txt' is the name of the directory file to be created.
Upload the directory file.

Upload an image file

practice with frames

Create a Minimized Window