Little Millie Metric


It was a beautiful day. The temperature was a mild 27 ______________. Little Millie Metric was packing a lunch basket to take to Grandma’s house. She carefully poured 500 _____________ of homemade lemonade into a bottle, which she put in the basket. Then she placed 0.5 ______________ of cheese, 200 _________of roast beef, a large loaf of bread and several large chocolate chip cookies in the basket. She strapped the basket on the back of her moped and took a quick check of the gas tank. There were several ______________of gasoline left.

After traveling a little more than 5 ______________, Millie discovered she had lost her way. At the next corner she spotted a very hairy character leaning against a lamppost. He looked to be only 1 ____________tall. He had a wolfish grin and dark, piercing eyes. He introduced himself as Mr. W and offered to help Millie.

Mr. W’s directions turned out to be the long way to Grandma’s house. So Millie arrived an hour late. She let herself in and found Grandma in bed. Grandma did not look well. Had she always been so hairy? And those ears! “My goodness,” Millie gasped, “what big ears you have, Grandma-at least 15 ______________ long”. To which Grandma replied, “The better to hear you with, my dear.” Then Millie spotted the teeth. “My, Grandma, what big teeth you have-longer than 25 __________________.” This last observation made Grandma very angry. She jumped out of bed and snarled, “The better to eat you!” Now Millie realized that this was not Grandma, but the hairy Mr. W!

Unfortunately for Mr. W, Millie held a black belt in karate. In just a few seconds, she took care of him!

Millie found Grandma in the closet. When they finally sat down to eat lunch, Millie couldn’t help thinking that maybe next time she’d just have lunch delivered.

I am not sure of the origin of this piece. I obtained it from Ms. Brenda Remus of Lee High School, Huntsville, AL